Anne  Philipp

service  design  in  china

I spent five weeks at the Tongji University in Shanghai participating in a service design course. The theme was sustainable transportation on campus. In my group we concentrated on the values of the university, We went far and wide in the process, changing our product several times until we were satisfied, The group was a mix of Danish and Chinese students, communication and product designers.


The product is a hollow brick with the form of a leaf. Depending on the direction of the brick, people will intuitively be separated in walkers and bikers, as it is unpleasant to bike when the brick is turn in a certain way. It is in a sustainable material and easy to produce. When it rains the water will not lie on the surface and create flooding, but will go through the brick and be cleansed by the following layers. It is possible to plant flowers and grass in the bricks to get a greener and healthier environment.


The final product was exhibited in a Nordic exhibition in Shanghai.