Anne  Philipp

Home - My Bachelor project

The new global space and the use of technology undermines the old fashioned understanding of 'a place called home'


How is it possible to reinforce the anchoring of home in a rootless time?


The project is about home and how it is possible to use the feeling of home to be more comfortable in a world of constant change and big expectations. The solution is a home kit, which helps you collect and embed the feeling of home to bring it with you where ever you go. It is based on all the senses, since all senses are a part of the home experience, the smell of your favorite food, the family photos, the feeling of walking on something familiar and sounds from the surroundings.


The project is build through a design-anthropological approach, since the research and structure of the product is centered in the social and cultural human being. Some of the methods is gaining information through disposable cameras, interviews, diaries and so on.